Exion treatment in Mumbai

What if you could get all the options you need at once, just on one platform? Here comes Exion treatment, the technology that you will be thrilled by. It helps overcome multiple body issues—from skin lifting and wrinkle correction to body contouring and intimate bonding—and all that is totally safe and non-invasive.


What is Exion?

Exion is not just one option but a complete solution. This is because it is equipped with the latest technology. It is done by the system using radiofrequency (RF), Exion microneedling, and AI pulse to tailor the treatment to the individual’s needs.


Whether you’re planning to get pleasingly smoother skin, a more sculpted body, or have a better sexual function, Exion, with customised methods, can help you achieve your desires. Exion comes with four options to choose from:


  • Exion Fractional RF: Imagine achieving dramatically smoother, tighter skin without the usual pain of deep microneedling treatments. Exion Fractional RF uses a combination of advanced radiofrequency and artificial intelligence to deliver precise energy deep into your skin, stimulating collagen production and refining texture for a noticeably revitalised you.
  • Exion Face: Wish you could rejuvenate a younger, more sculpted version of yourself? Exion Face goes beyond traditional procedures. This innovative technology uses non-invasive hyaluronic acid enhancement to plump, lift, and redefine your facial contours, revealing your best face and restoring a youthful radiance.
  • Exion Body: Don’t let loose skin and unwanted fat hold you back from feeling your most confident. Exion Body is a revolutionary treatment that tackles both concerns simultaneously. It uses targeted radiofrequency to tighten lax skin and address localised fat deposits, giving you a smoother, firmer appearance from head to toe.
  • EmFemme 360: Experience ultimate comfort and confidence with EmFemme 360. This innovative treatment utilises the power of radiofrequency with a unique, ultra-short design to deliver noticeable results in the most delicate areas. EmFemme 360 empowers you to feel your best from the inside out.

Here's How Exion Becomes Your Transformation Partner


Exion does not cover a single application. Equipped with different hand-pieces, with an option to choose among a variety of settings, Exion treatment in Mumbai provides an array of solutions. From facial rejuvenation and body contouring to intimate wellness, Exion brings all the aid to help you plan your aesthetic trip.


Exion virtually implements the pulse control AI system. This achieves accurate energy transmission; and, on top of the benefits of minimising discomfort, it ensures better outcomes. It individualises your treatment, which facilitates the optimal effectiveness, and comfortable process.


Exion body treatments aren't only just for temporary healing. Whether brightening up your face with collage production for firmer skin or springing natural fat loss, Exion's technologies give you long-term effects.

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Exion Offers More than Just Aesthetics
It Empowers You in Multiple Ways


How you look and how you feel is connected to a very powerful element called confidence. Exion 360 treatment is a tool that can help you have a better-toned physique, smoother skin, and even fix intimate issues, and as a result, you will have a stronger sense of confidence.


Exion 360 treatment in Mumbai provides not only analgesic and anti-inflammatory contents but also safe and effective alternatives to conventional surgeries for different aesthetic issues. There are no painful needles, no incisions, only confident smiles with maximum comfort.


Exion provides you with not only a personalised solution, but also a platform where you can address and eliminate different facial imperfections. It is a holistic approach that integrates all stages of your metamorphosis including health, fitness, and wellness.

Exion: The Way Toward a New Future

Running on Exion’s treatment is an interesting way of reaching your aesthetic goals in a safe, non-invasive, and customised way. The treatment’s strong assets include the variety of options available, the comfort level of the technologies used, and the minimal time the patient needs to be absent from their daily routine.


Prepared to reveal the real power within and to begin a unique self-discovering path? Talk to us today and get all you need to know about Exion and be surprised by its possibilities.


Exion FAQs: Be passionate about yourself

Exion is a very personalised treatment approach. The handpieces of Exion are changeable and also the settings are adjustable to the needs of each individual.

Absolutely! Exion’s modular handpieces let users pick the ones that are known to be most effective in treating a specific region. Mobile dual applicators with integrated RF can tighten facial skin and shed wrinkles on the one hand and reduce fat deposits by local application on the other.

Exion treatment methods are planned to be gentle and suitable for most patients. The experience here is dependent on the chosen technology and treatment area.

The time needed to see the results can differ from one treatment method to another and also depend on the patient’s reaction to the treatment.

In general, Exion has no negative effects on adults unless the individual already has a serious underlying health condition.

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