Emsculpt Neo (Body Sculpting)

Magnetic Resonance And Radio Frequency Contouring

Introducing a US FDA-approved, first-of-its-kind Radio Frequency (RF) and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology for non-invasive body contouring. RF technology causes the heating of fat tissue thereby reducing the thickness. HIFEM causes supra-maximal muscle contraction which leads to increased damage of energy supplies leading to fat breakdown and strengthening, toning, and thickening of muscles over time.

Ballancer Pro (Body Sculpting)

Introducing Ballancer Pro, India's first and safest compression therapy system, backed by decades of medical studies and US FDA approval. This cutting-edge technology, known as 'The Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Massage,' employs principles of manual lymphatic massage for optimal results. Post-laser sessions, the Ballancer suit enhances the lymphatic system, utilizing inflating bags to provide a gentle massage, boost circulation, and decongest lymphatic pathways.

Exion 1
Exion - RF (Body Sculpting)

Ultrasound technology is employed in the procedure to break down fatty cells, while This FDA-approved device uses radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to tighten skin, contour the body, and promote collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The generated heat also aids in fat reduction.

Body_ Contouring

Body Contouring
Emerald Laser (Laser Lipolysis)

We use contactless, non-invasive, low-level laser, which emits green lasers onto the parts where there is stubborn fat. This treatment creates micropores on the fat cells, which helps the fat liquid to extrude out and pass away through the lymphatic system.

Body_ Inch Loss

Ultrasound technology is employed in the procedure to break down fatty cells, while radiofrequency is utilised to achieve tightened and firm skin. This approach can effectively address and eliminate excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs. This treatment ensures that people do not end up with saggy skin.