We are India’s First Aesthetic Supercliniq

Our body has always defined our sense of self and personal style.From ancient traditions of holistic health
and healing to the technologies of today, we have adorned ourselves with jewels, fine fabrics and


The team of doctors at SKUCCII is committed to giving authentic, holistic, personalised care to each and every client and align to their expectations.

Skuccii Supercliniq - Aesthetic Clinic in Mumbai

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Experience the fusion of leading-edge technology and timeless techniques combined into bespoke procedures at Skuccii. Our Mumbai cosmetic clinic offers personalized treatments for your face, skin, hair, body, and total well-being.


What Skuccii Supercliniq’s philosophy is all about, in a nutshell; is allowing you to discover your inner beauty and thus show the world your best self.


The beauty clinic in Mumbai is guided by the distinguished expertise of five founders, each with their unique contribution to Skuccii’s success:


  • Dr. Meghna Mour, our veteran Co-founder and medical head with impeccable dermatological expertise, is the core of our products, which are truly safe and effective.
  • Karan Mahana, Co-founder of the clinic, brings in his energetic entrepreneurial mindset and is always thinking of innovations that would improve the patient experience.
  • Kamal Mour, Co-founder, using his global sourcing expertise, selects the most advanced equipment and chooses the best products, guaranteeing our clients the highest quality treatment available


As one, this team creates a seamless symphony of expertise. They take a 360-degree approach to address your unique needs, crafting treatment plans that enhance natural beauty and boost confidence.


Land in a world of precise care and experience at the Skuccii Supercliniq, where science and artistry fuse to reveal your most radiant self.









Located in South Mumbai’s vibrant post code of Raghuvanshi Mills, our Supercliniq transports you from the hustle and bustle of our megalopolis, into a serene, temperature-controlled luxurious space. Complete with variable lighting, spacious treatment suites and minimalist design. Our expert service providers are trained to indulge every wish.






SKUCCII Supercliniq offers you a choice of multi-specialty doctors and the word’s best aesthetic technologies under one luxurious roof with all your appointments scheduled within minutes or as per your convenience. Rest assured; our highly qualified and internationally acknowledged experts have decades of collective experience in science and aesthetic treatments.






SKUCCII Supercliniq seeks to elevate human living experiences by delivering quality aesthetic solutions in a luxurious, cared for and enjoyable environment. Our 360-degree approach makes accessing the right specialist easier and your experience delightfully convenient. Our unbelievably extensive menu of options and personalised plans empower our guests, giving them greater control over their choices. Naturally, when you have first-class services and facilities you get first-class results.






Our doctors and experts will ensure you receive the best after-care services and attention. It is essential that you follow proper after-care to ensure optimal results and minimise any surprises. Our team will always be here to assist you.

Unleash the Best of You at Skuccii Supercliniq:
Mumbai's First Luxury Superclinic

Take a moment to visualise where the latest technology is merged with traditional practices to develop curative therapies for you at the best aesthetic clinic in Mumbai. 


Our experienced team creates individualised regimes that will improve natural beauty and increase your self-esteem. Indulge your senses and benefit from our attention to detail to reveal the best version of you.


Unlike traditional methods, Emsculpt Neo body sculpting treatment targets both fat cells and muscles simultaneously, providing comprehensive body contouring benefits.


Our best cosmetic clinic in Mumbai is committed to helping people make improvements to their appearance by offering individualised treatment protocols and excellent service. The confidence and overall health of our patients are what we work hard to develop.


Skuccii Supercliniq imagines a future in which aesthetic treatments become more available and transform, allowing you to find solace in your inner and outer beauty with our teams with the best dermatologists in South Mumbai.


Had a very goodexperience. Dr Meghna is a thorough professional, patient and readily answered all my questions. The staff is very competent and polite.

Lorraine Dias

Excellent acne treatment. Neat and clean place. Punctuality in an appointment. Excellent interaction. Dr. Meghna Mour explains prescription in appropriate manner with comfortable approach.

Anil Pawar

Dr Meghna is very professional and has treated my son for pimples and has been very successful to give us 100% result

Sharvari Kamat


An aesthetic clinic is a personal choice. The following questions can help you decide if you should visit a dermatology clinic in Mumbai:


  • Do you wish to discuss any particular issues? Aesthetic clinics with a dermatologist in South Mumbai are equipped with a range of treatments like wrinkle fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, and body contouring. If these are things you want to learn about, a practice can help you to find the answers.


  • Do you want to gain more confidence? Many individuals love that cosmetic medicines can boost their self-esteem and emotional health.

The aesthetic clinics are a great innovation because they can help you get your lost youth glamour and graceful beauty rapidly.

The benefits of facial aesthetics treatments are numerous, such as:


  • Enhanced appearance: Wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and other problems are eliminated to make the face fresh and radiant.


  • Improved skin health: These therapies including micro-needling elevate the synthesis of collagen around the damaged areas which in turn make the skin appear tighter and healthier.


  • Minimally invasive options: Due to advancements made in technology, several treatments involve little to no pain and yield vivid benefits.

Selecting the best aesthetic clinic can ensure that you will feel safe and happy with every step of your care.


  • Qualifications: It is essential to have your clinic staffed with physicians who possess the appropriate medical qualifications and a history of working in aesthetics as well.


  • Treatment options: Choosing a clinic that provides a wide range of solutions gives you an option to deal with your individual concerns.


  • Safety protocols: Request the clinic to clarify the type of sterilisation, and supportive measures they take on the issue of safety.

Your treatments will vary in length depending on the brochure of treatments you pick. Contact us for more details.